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The Challenge to Create Eco-Friendly Products

Quest for an elegant coatless casing

While coating on product casings makes the product look beautiful, it also generates an environmental impact. Therefore, minimizing the coating lowers the environmental impact. Since 2009, Brother has been working to achieve both environmental protection and great design, such as reducing air pollutants (VOCs) by not coating the exterior on all printers.

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Quest for an elegant coatless casing with minimal environmental impact

Brother's "Coatless Technology" significantly reduces the environmental impact while preserving the exterior elegance. We have achieved a technology that brings out a luxurious feel for products as if they are coated even though they are not. Currently, we are working on a new technology that will allow us to integrate functional parts with exterior parts, allowing molded parts to be turned into products without sacrificing their high-quality appearances. Design and functionality must be balanced. We created pieces with a sense of high quality by reviewing the resin selection and refining the molds that affect the texture in the integration of functional and external parts. We also repeated innumerable prototypes, including computer design simulations and mold adjustments, for parts like the document cover on the top that requires "not even the slightest warping" for functionality.

The engineers' challenge continues

The improvement of Brother's "Coatless Technology" will not only make further contributions to environmental protection but will also reduce material and process costs. Brother printers are used in homes and offices around the world. Therefore, Brother's engineers will continue to take on the challenge to deliver products that are high quality in every aspect, including environmental friendliness, functionality, and price, among others.

Coatless Surface


SDGs Goal 12, aims for "Responsible Consumption and Production" by ensuring sustainable production and consumption patterns through "environmentally sound management of chemicals and all wastes throughout their life cycle" to "significantly reduce their release to air, water and soil in order to minimize their adverse impacts on human health and the environment" according to target 12.4. Brother contributes to the SDGs through the reduction in the release of chemical substances into the atmosphere with its coatless technology.

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