At your side.


We want to be of service.

"At your side." is a phrase Brother has cherished since its founding. It symbolizes the company's spirit of always placing its customers first, creating superior value through manufacturing, and providing it quickly. These words are the symbol of Brother’s manufacturing spirit.

In 1908, Brother started the sewing machine repair business. The founding brother's experience repairing sewing machines created a desire to help customers by making sewing machines resistant to breakage. This led to the creation of a chain-stitch sewing machine for weaving straw hats in 1928.

Thus the "BROTHER" brand was born. Starting with home and industrial sewing machines, the BROTHER brand has met a wide range of customer needs by adding new varieties of products, such as typewriters in 1961, printers in 1971, and CNC machine tools in 1985. Without fear of failure, we continue to take on challenges and add new genres of products, under the Brother brand, to meet a wide range of customer needs. The root of our efforts is providing customers with what will be of use. Brother's slogan "At your side." symbolizes the desire to put the customer first.

On behalf of "you"

In 1999, the Brother Group established the Brother Group Global Charter as the foundation of all global operations. The Brother Group Global Charter has been translated into 28 languages and became indispensable basic policies and codes of practice to act proactively for every employee in more than 40 countries and regions worldwide. The Brother Group Global Charter identifies our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, local communities, and the environment as our stakeholders and clarifies our responsibilities to build trusting relationships. Brother's "At your side." manifests how we care about our customers and each and every one of our stakeholders, as well as society and the global environment, as "you".

SDGs - Thoughts for the Future

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, consist of 17 goals and 169 targets aimed at creating a sustainable, diverse and inclusive society so that "no one is left behind" on the planet. We, the Brother Group, will continue to work proactively to solve social issues through innovative products and environmental preservation and social contribution activities globally while cherishing the spirit of "At your side.

All these come from our desire to be of service to you in the future.