We are pleased to report points and donation totals for the Click for the Earth FY2023 campaign (April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024).
The fiscal year 2023 resulted in 360,619 points, which converted at one yen per point totals ¥360,619. We distribute donations on your behalf to each activity based on the number of points it received. The list below shows the donation amounts for each activity.
Thank you for participating in the FY2023 campaign and for continued support in Click for the Earth this fiscal year.

Activities Points
Donation amounts
Protecting the Amazon Rainforest in Peru
36,623 points
JPY36,623 (242USD)
Replanting our Natural Resources
27,629 points
JPY27,629 (183USD)
Rain Forest Rescue
35,688 points
JPY35,688 (236USD)
Replanting Our Nation’s Forests
27,893 points
JPY27,893 (185USD)
Forest conservation through tree planting
64,398 points
JPY64,398 (426USD)
China (Inner Mongolia)
Efforts to combat desertification
22,689 points
JPY22,689 (150USD)
China (Shenzhen)
Tree planting
17,326 points
JPY17,326 (115USD)
Helping a Seed-planting Program to Protect the Mangrove Forests
35,992 points
JPY35,992 (238USD)
The Reforestation Project in the High Tatras Mountains
81,314 points
JPY81,314 (538USD)
China (Zhuhai)
Tree Planting Activity at the Seashore Park
11,067 points
JPY11,067 (74USD)

※The US dollar (USD) exchange rate is 1 USD = 151.41 yen.

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