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Restoring Declining Forests and Preserving Ecosystems

Environmental activities in the Americas to preserve the richness of nature for the future

Forests are irreplaceable. They absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) we emit in our daily lives to reduce global warming, prevent landslides and floods, and purify water. These irreplaceable forests are rapidly disappearing due to various causes such as logging, land clearance, forest fires, and climate change.
Brother International Corporation (U.S.A.), together with Brother International Corporation (Canada) and Brother Group companies in Central and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru), is working together to conserve the environment with the Arbor Day Foundation, a forest conservation organization.

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Reforestation and education through tree planting | USA

The vast American continent faces a variety of environmental problems depending on the region.
Since 2010, Brother International Corporation (U.S.A.) has cooperated with the Arbor Day Foundation, a forest conservation organization, to plant trees together with employees, their families, and local residents. The objectives of these tree-planting activities are to protect forests damaged by fires and insects and to preserve water quality. In addition, we also conduct educational programs for our employees to broaden their awareness of environmental issues.

The Americas: Environment and Education

Reforestation and biodiversity conservation | Canada

Brother International Corporation (Canada) works with the Arbor Day Foundation, a forest conservation organization, to plant trees and nurture forests. Tree Canada, a Canadian forest conservation organization, also participates in this tree-planting activity. Newly planted trees provide clean air, clean drinking water, and comfortable home for the wildlife that lives in Canada's forests.

Tropical rainforest conservation support | Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru

Brother Group companies in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru) contribute to the protection of tropical rainforests in Latin America through the Rainforest Rescue Program of the Arbor Day Foundation, a forest conservation organization. Rainforests are a treasure trove of life, and it is estimated that they are home to about half of all known species. This makes the conservation of tropical rainforests crucial to the preservation of biodiversity.


SDGs goal 15, “Life on Land” includes target 15.2 which aims to protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems by "halting deforestation, restore degraded forests." Additionally, SDGs Goal 6 "Clean Water and Sanitation" including target 6.6 "protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems, including mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers, and lakes." Brother works to restore lost forests and pass on a beautiful planet and an environment essential for all living things to future generations.

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